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Alumot (2019) - for large ensemble

performed by The Israel Contemporary Players at the Jerusalem Music Centre 10.11.19

The chamber work 'Alumot’ (Rays) deals with a close description of possible sound expressions embodied within the enigmatic nature of light. This musical description first stems from the visual image of light rays, on their different textures and angles, in their encounter with the material and through it. In addition to dealing with the visual images, the work engages with the spiritual and abstract representations of light, conveying the focus on the existing present and on eternity.


In this piece, an attempt is made to create a uniform and concise language of describing the contrast and duality that exists between light and dark. There is an interplay between the light and the absence of light and an attempt to create a phase where not only do they separate, but there is the possibility of perceiving light and dark at the same time, using a number of musical ideas that compete with their importance or even occur simultaneously.


The piece consists of an extensive representation of perspectives. It begins with an abstract and minimalist depiction of darkness, characterised by mysteriousness, desolation and void represented by the quiet bass drum stroke, the contrabass and the use of low register sounds used as musical punctuation marks throughout the piece. Subsequently, various depictions of light rays characterised by blindness, frantic movement, spreading, reduction, and jittering are represented by the strings and high register wind instruments. The piano occasionally represents the contrast of frantic movement and serves the immediate, direct and static aspect of light. The piece comes to an end with an attempt to focus and refine into one spiritual and eternal source of light.

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