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Kinesis (2018) - for MikroEnsemble

Premiered at the Uuden Musiikin Lokakuu festival in Oulu, Finland.

Performed by MIkroEnsemble, at the Oulu Music Center 29th of September 2018

MikroEnsemble are:
Mikael Helasvuo - Quarter-tone Flute
Helmi Malmgren - Clarinet
Eriikka Maalismaa - Violin
Markus Hohti - Cello
Elisa Järvi - Quarter- tone PIano (Midi Keyboard)
Veli Kujala - Quarter- tone Accordion

Kinesis is the Greek word for “motion”, “movement” and “change”. The idea behind the piece is the study of different idioms of motion and how they emerge from one to another and at times contradict each other. The work also deals with the idea of perspective; a larger scale movement derived from the relation between the smaller scale movements. 

The initial material of the piece can serve as an example for the ideas mentioned above. It begins with a brief cyclic motion which quickly fades into a pulsating motion that is then cut down suddenly by an intense chord stroke which has its own inner, erratic motion as a contrast.

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